Dirty Chai – the top 5 Health Benefits

Did you ever wonder what is going on in your body as you are consuming a delicious Dirty Chai?  The Vibe Guru’s have researched this question and have identified a series of health benefits.


What makes up a Dirty Chai?

We have already written an article specifically on what is a Dirty Chai and how to make amazing versions of this drink in your own home:  click here to read this article.

A Dirty Chai is a chai latte mixed with a shot of espresso.

Out of all the health benefits researched, below are the top 5….

#1.  Boosted Immunity:

The black tea found in the Chai Latte is packed with antioxidant properties which can boost the immune system.    There are groups of antioxidants called polyphenols, that drive these immunity boosting characteristics.

You can learn more about polyphenols here.

#2.  Improves digestion:

The polyphenols found in the Chai Latte increase the presence of good bacteria and at the same time reduce harmful ones.  The foundation to improving gut health.

#3.  Weight loss:

The coffee (or Espresso) found in the Dirty Chai reduces the feeling of hunger throughout the day which can help you avoid the nasty snacking habit which is known to contribute to weight gain.

The actual calorie count of a Dirty Chai depends on what you add to it.  But when just considering the Chai and the Coffee together, a Dirty Chai would contain around 200 calories in a single cup:  see image below.

But don’t take this number from us, head to the WebMD calorie counter to check for yourself:  click here to have a look.

Caffeine boosts the thermogenesis in the human body which increases the calorie-burning process.   And the theaflavins in black tea, from the Chai can reduce the risk of obesity.

#4.  Cognitive function:

The coffee in a Dirty Chai is known to enhance memory and brain function.   Caffeine boosts energy levels and at the same time increases concentration.

Caffeine is also known to enhance memory and can help eliminate short-term memory issues.

#5.  Relieves hypertension:

The high potassium content in Dirty Chai relaxes the tension in blood vessels and is also known to regulate blood pressure.

The ingredients in the Dirty Chai is also beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol.

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Final Word:

In a nutshell, take all the health benefits of drinking coffee, combine that with the health benefits of a Chai Latte, and that is what you get when you drink a Dirty Chai.

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