Vibe Coffee Digital Coffee Card

When you buy from Vibe Coffee you are automatically enrolled into our "Digital Coffee Card" program.

Our customers told us they love Coffee Cards they receive in Cafe’s, and receiving a free coffee.  But people do not like the inconvenience of carrying around a physical card.

Our customers have spoken and we have listened by creating a Digital Coffee Card!

This is our way of thanking our customers.


How It Works

It’s really easy, you do nothing!  We do everything!

This is how it works….

  1.  When you buy from us, our systems record all your purchases.
  2.  Each time you buy from us you will receive a quick email with an updated Digital Gift Card, showing you how many purchases you have made with us.
  3. The email will also remind you how far away you are from receiving your gift.
  4. One purchase (one order) equals one stamp on the Gift Card.
  5. Once you complete your ninth purchase, you will receive a coupon code giving you $15 off your next purchase.
  6. There is no expiry date for the Vibe Digital Coffee Card and the $15 gift.

You are essentially receiving a free product from us, but we let you choose whatever product you like.  Just like the physical coffee card.

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