About Vibe Coffee

Vibe Coffee exists to create "Great Vibes" by allowing Australians to have great-tasting coffee delivered to their homes and contribute to keeping Australia beautiful. Vibe Coffee is an Australian company, it employs Australians, and all coffee is manufactured in Australia.

Introducing the Vibe team:

Vibe’s CCEO – Greg Randall:

Greg Randall is not your normal “CEO”.  Vibe Coffee does not believe in having a Chief Executive Officer run the business.  Instead, Greg is Vibe’s “CCEO”, the “Chief Customer Empathy Officer”, a leader dedicated to listening to the Vibe customer.

Vibe’s “Coffee Geeks”:

Vibe Coffee is blessed to have an amazing team of  “Coffee Geeks”:  think quiet introverted coffee geniuses with white lab coats.  This team listens to customer feedback and creates new coffee products based on that feedback.

We at Vibe Coffee are passionate about creating great vibes in three ways….

  1. Create great-tasting local coffee – Australian made
  2. Do our part to keeping Australia beautiful – we consider the Australian environment as being a Vibe shareholder (learn more below)
  3. Make it really easy for customers to interact and buy from us

Creating great tasting local coffee

Though the Vibe Coffee team sources coffee beans from around the world, Vibe Coffee is an Australian company.   The careful and precise manufacturing process of roasting, grinding, and packaging coffee pod, chai latte pod and coffee bean products is all done locally in Melbourne.

This allows us to serve Australian customers to a high standard.  When we make changes to our coffee flavours, the change comes from local feedback.  This is something our international competitors cannot and will not do.

Vibe's Coffee Pod Calculator

We are passionate about helping you make the right espresso selection for you to enjoy at home.

This is why we created the “Coffee Pod Calculator” the first of its kind in the world.

Vibe’s Coffee Gurus created this online tool to easily guide you through two simple questions which will help us recommend the perfect tasting espresso pod to suit your preferences.

Try it now!

Australia is our Shareholder

We love Australia!  There is no point in creating great vibes in products and services unless we can do our part to help keep Australia beautiful.  This is why we do the following…

#1.  Vibe Coffee spends more on coffee pod capsules so our coffee pod casings and seals are 100% biodegradable (click here to learn more).

#2.  Vibe Coffee’s Decaf Coffee Beans undergoes a patented eco friendly “Mountain Water Process” to extract the caffeine from the beans.  You can read a brief article by clicking here on this process.

#3.  The Vibe coffee bean and coffee pod bags are reusable.

Making your life easier

We are an online-only business and we plan to keep it that way.  We don’t have any physical stores or shops, but this enables us to keep our costs down and pass this on to our customers.

Having no shops means we will continue to work hard to make it easier for you to interact, engage, and buy from us online.  And if we don’t get something right, we want to hear about it.

If you feel there is something more Vibe can do to bring smiles, email us at greatvibes@vibecoffee.com.au.

Home Delivery Information

FREE delivery for all orders over $55! All orders are picked and packed within 24 hours and many times it will be ready to ship the same day. Delivered to your door between 2 to 5 days.

Good Vibes Guarentee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your coffee order, you send us a brief email with your order number and we will do the rest.

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