Coffee Pod Design

The Vibe Coffee pods are designed to hold a high volume of ground coffee to deliver a rich flavour every time.

Not all coffee pods are created equal!   Our biodegradable capsule (“capsule” is a term used to describe the body of the coffee pod) has been tried and tested in the marketplace for over 5 years and sealed with non-porous paper material.  The capsule and paper lid seals the coffee from the elements, ensuring it tastes as if it was roasted the day you need your fix.

Continue reading if you are interested in learning what makes the Vibe Coffee pods special and how it contributes to supporting the quality values we hold dear to our hearts.

Where great pod design meets great coffee

There are four distinct characteristics that make up the Vibe coffee pod design:

1. The coffee capsule and lid are 100% biodegradable.
2. The Vibe coffee pods are Nespresso® machine compatible.
3. The coffee lid is engineered for proper perforation and extraction.
4. The Vibe coffee is ground and the pods are filled to exacting standards to ensure you enjoy rich flavours and aromas.

100% Biodegradable coffee pods

The materials which make up the coffee pods have two jobs…

  1. Pack and seal the coffee to ensure a high standard of freshness until the coffee pod is in use.
  2. These coffee pods are designed to biodegrade by 90% within 180 days.


Nespresso® Machine Compatible

The Vibe coffee pod is designed to fit within all Nespresso® capsule system machines:  the term “capsule” is another term for “coffee pod”.

In fact, the Vibe Coffee pod is designed to fit all brands of capsule system coffee machines.

Our goal is to make great-tasting coffee available for every home.

Vibe's Coffee Pod Calculator

We are passionate about helping you make the right espresso selection for you to enjoy at home.

This is why we created the “Coffee Pod Calculator” the first of its kind in the world.

Vibe’s Coffee Gurus created this online tool to easily guide you through two simple questions which will help us recommend the perfect tasting espresso pod to suit your preferences.

Try it now!

Food grade coffee pod seal

The coffee pod seal is food-grade standard and is designed for perfect perforation every time.  This seal has been sourced from Germany and is used throughout the food industry around the world.

The perforation in the coffee machine plays a key role in delivering a smooth and even extraction of coffee into your cup and is one reason why Vibe Coffee can deliver rich coffee flavours to your home.


More Coffee = Richer Taste

The food-grade seal being used is important because the manufacturing process for Vibe’s coffee pods is done in such a way as to create a high standard of fine coffee grind.  This is done to pack more coffee into each pod.

Vibe coffee pods are manufactured in a sophisticated Melbourne-based factory where every pod is weighed to ensure the exact volume of coffee is packed into every pod.

We sometimes receive feedback from customers who say less coffee comes out of the Vibe coffee pod.  This is because there is a higher concentration of ground coffee in each coffee pod compared to what our customers are used to.

Once our customers let the hot water run a little bit longer, they get the perfect result they want.

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