Dirty Chai Nespresso Compatible Starter Pack (30 Pods)


The Vibe Dirty Chai pack is a mix of a traditional Chai Latte and Espresso – the perfect combination of rich black tea and espresso.  This specially priced pack is made up of a Chai Latte 15-pod pack and our Vitality Espresso 15-pod pack.

The first ever Pack available in Australia, designed for you to easily make and enjoy Dirty Chai's in your own home.

When you order this Pack you receive a 15-Pod pack of Serenity Chai and a 15-Pod pack of Vitality Espresso. We created this because there is no Dirty Chai pod in existence that combines both espresso and chai in a single pod.

This is because you need enough espresso and chai to make this drink tasty. So we created a pack that allows you to combine 1 chai pod with 1 espresso pod to make a Dirty Chai.

Head to the "Ingredients" tab (below) to learn how to use the Serenity and Vitality pods to make a delicious Dirty Chai.

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All Vibe pods are biodegradable and compostable (click here to learn more).

What is a Dirty Chai?

A Dirty Chai is a very popular hot drink served in coffee shops around the world consisting of a shot of espresso mixed into a Chai Tea, Masala Chai or Chai Latte.  And because Vibe Coffee has market leading Nespresso® compatible Espresso and Chai Pods, it only made sense to bring these two amazing hot beverages together to form a Dirty Chai Pack for our customers.

The Dirty Chai Nespresso Compatible Pack is a total of 30 pods which is broken down into two products:

How to make a Dirty Chai:

To make a Dirty Chai, follow these two steps:

Step 1:  Place one Serenity Chai Latte pod in your pod machine and pour into a mug.

Step 2:  Keep the mug with the Chai Latte in your pod machine, now place one Vitality Espresso pod in your pod machine.  Allow the espresso to mix with the Chai in the same mug.  The Verve Espresso is designed to mix perfectly with the Chai.

You have just made a Dirty Chai!

Click here to learn more about how to create your own amazing Dirty Chai Latte.

Below is information on the Chai and the Espresso pods used in this pack.

Serenity Chai Latte 15-Pod Pack:

The Vibe Serenity Chai Latte is an elegant combination of black tea extract and a blend of spices which is perfectly sweetened.   It’s also designed to perfectly blend with milk!

Our Chai Latte Pods are full of natural ingredients and is low in caffeine to give you the perfect state of calm throughout your day.

Click here to learn more about our Serenity Chai Latte.

Vitality Espresso 15-Pod Pack:

Tasting Notes:   Medium/full bodied coffee, strong lingering aftertaste, slight bitterness, good acidity, caramel notes

Aroma:  Caramel, notes of cinnamon, earthy

Coffee Intensity:  12

Click here to learn more about the Vitality Espresso Pod product

More Helpful Information:

All Vibe coffee pods fit in all capsule/pod system machines (click here to learn more)

Did you know the coffee intensity rating has nothing to do with caffeine concentration!  Ever wonder what this intensity rating means and how it can influence your decision to purchase a type of coffee?  Click here to read an article from the Vibe team explaining what it means and how it can help you select the right coffee for your tastes and preferences.

Made in Australia from 94% local Australian ingredients.

Below is the Vibe Coffee (and Chai) Capsule/Pod shape….

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25 Jan 2024
Dianne B.

Vibe Coffee Great Dirty Chai!

I love this Vibe Coffee Dirty Chai Nespresso compatible pack. I found the chai latte by itself was a bit sweet for my taste but matched with the Vitality Expresso pods the coffee was perfect - not too sweet, not too bitter - just right!

29 Mar 2023
frank g.

satisfaction at its best

Everything is going fantastic. Good service & great tasting coffee. Love Serenity Chai latte by Vibe. On my 2nd order now.

26 Dec 2022
New Zealand New Zealand

So good !!!!

I usually have my coffee over ice but after getting this delicious chai + coffee blend I can’t wait to be a bit experimental and try it with coffee! I have never done that before. Thanks vibe for another great pod ❤️

25 Dec 2022
Emma R.

Delicious !

Loved the dirty chai starter pack. Rich taste and the 2 flavours combined was so tasty!

22 Nov 2022
Amy S.
Australia Australia

Amazing flavour!

I absolutely loved this coffee!! We made the coffee with a high end oat milk and it was devine!

22 Nov 2022

Vibe Coffee

Thanks Amy! Greg

22 Nov 2022
Julia L.
Australia Australia


I’ve been on the hunt to find the best and easiest to make Dirty Chai at home and I’m so glad I found these as they taste delicious, would highly recommend to all the Chai lovers out there!! If you haven’t tried these then you’re definitely missing out as these are Cafe style quality. Vibe coffee also provides super fast and friendly service!!


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