100% Biodegradable Coffee Pods

100% Biodegradable coffee pods

The Vibe Coffee pod has a certification which is to the European Standard and is called “EN13432”.  This standard defines how quickly and to what extent a biodegradable plastic must degrade under industrial composting conditions.

The EN 13432 is a harmonised European standard linked to the European Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste: “Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation”.

The materials which make up the Vibe coffee pods have two jobs…

  1.  Pack and seal the coffee to ensure a high standard of freshness remains until the coffee pod is in use.
  2. Once the coffee pod has been used, it’s designed to turn into compost.

When we use the term compost or that our pods are compostable, which means the Vibe coffee pod materials have been certified to break down completely into non-toxic components (water, carbon dioxide, and biomass).  And this compostable process will not harm the environment.

The Vibe Coffee Pod - a new generation of coffee capsule!

The “Seedling” logo is the European Bioplastics trademark and is allowed to be used for those who are certified under EN 13432, where appropriate biobased materials are used.

This certification and trademarked “Seedling” logo proves Vibe Coffee uses what’s known as “biodegradable/compostable” coffee pods (the term “pod” is also referred to as a “capsule”).

The coffee capsules comprise three characteristics to explain how and why it’s eco-friendly:

The Vibe Coffee pod is Biodegradable:

This means the degradation of plastic is completed by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae) to carbon dioxide, water, mineral salts, and biomass.

The Vibe Coffee pod is Compostable:

The coffee capsule material is biodegradable through composting.   It’s capable of undergoing biological decomposition in a compost site:  put simply its compostable.

The Vibe Coffee pod is Biobased:

The Vibe coffee capsule material is derived from plants (biomass).

Food grade bio based coffee pod seal

Vibe’s food-grade coffee pod seal has three purposes….

  1. Designed for perfect perforation every time to ensure the coffee pours in a smooth even extraction
  2. Designed to lock in coffee freshness
  3. To be biodegradable just like the compostable coffee pods/capsules (mentioned above)

The coffee pod seals are made from a non-porous paper material, and sourced from Germany.  Some of our competitors do not use these seals because they are expensive to source.   Vibe Coffee is happy to pay a premium for this material in the efforts to do its part in contributing to cleaning up Australia.

Coffee pods turning into compost

This image is designed to illustrate the degradation process of the Vibe Coffee pods when put into a suitable compost environment.

The compost cycle breakdown

These are actual images of the typical composting breakdown of the
Vibe Coffee pod over time.

Vibe's Coffee Pod Calculator

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