Great Vibes coming from our Great Customers

Even though we are always busy serving our customers and conjuring up new ways to make great Espresso and Chai products, we also take a moment to reflect on the amazing comments that come through from our customers.  We thought, why not share some of those comments and the products they are talking about.

Nespresso Compatible Serenity Chai Pod Review:

Brief Description of the Serenity Chai Pods:

The Nespresso Compatible Vibe Chai Latte is an elegant combination of black tea extract and a blend of spices which is perfectly sweetened with both honey and sugar. It’s also designed to perfectly blend with milk!

Our Chai Latte Pods are full of natural ingredients and is low in caffeine to give you the perfect state of calm throughout your day.

Nespresso Compatible Dirty Chai Pod Review:

Brief Description of the Dirty Chai Pod Pack:

The Vibe Dirty Chai pack is a mix of a traditional Chai Latte and Espresso – the perfect combination of rich black tea and espresso.  The first ever Dirty Chai pack available in Australia, designed for you to easily make and enjoy in your own home.


This pack is made up of a Chai Latte 15-pod pack and our Verve (Espresso) 15-pod pack. We created this pack because there is no single Dirty Chai pod product in existence that combines both espresso and chai. You need enough espresso and chai to make this drink tasty.  Save when buying this pack! Purchasing these two products on their own is more expensive.

Nespresso Compatible Espresso Coffee Pod Smooth Starter Pack:

Brief Description of the SMOOTH Espresso Pod Starter Pack:

The Nespresso Compatible Vibe “Smooth” Starter Pack comprises three different 15-Pack coffee blends, each designed to bring you smooth vibes throughout the day.

This Starter Pack is designed to help those who are not quite sure which smooth coffee blend to choose and would prefer to try a selection.

You save when you purchase a Starter Pack! It’s more cost-effective to purchase this Pack compared to buying three individual 15-pack products.

Nespresso Compatible Bounce Espresso Pods Review:

Brief Description of the Bounce Espresso Pods:

The Bounce Espresso Coffee Pods is a dark roasted Italian Espresso with velvety cream and deep flavour.

Tasting Notes:  Full-bodied coffee, strong lingering aftertaste, medium acidity, mildly sweet accents of cherry brown sugar, pepper, and dates

Aroma Notes:  Nutty, walnuts, sweet spices, notes of cinnamon, warming, swiss vanilla

The Final Word:

The great vibes keep on coming.  We could keep going but that is enough for this article.  If you are a current customer and have not yet provided us with your honest views of our products, make a review now and be in to win a Vibe Coffee Mug!

As soon as you leave a review you are automatically entered into the draw.  We give away a mug every month.

The priority for us is to know how you feel about our products.

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