Hot Chocolate – 5 interesting historical facts

While you sit back, relax and stay warm with your Hot Chocolate, we have found 5 interesting facts about the history of this yummy hot drink!

Real Fact #1:  Hot Chocolate dates back thousands of years:

Chocolate was originally consumed in liquid form.  They didn’t have Mars Bars back then:)

The first historical sign of hot chocolate being consumed dates back thousands of years in Mexico, which was the first to roast the fruit from the cacao tree, grind it down and mix it with other ingredients.

Real Fact #2:  Hot Chocolate Wasn’t Hot or Sweet:

Originally, the Mexicans did not make this drink hot or sweet.  Once this old version of hot chocolate reached the Spanish, it started to become more of a “Hot Chocolate”.

The Spanish introduced cinnamon, sugar, and other spices.  While this was a big step forward, it’s still not the version we know and love today.

Real Fact #3:  Hot Chocolate was thought to have Health Benefits:

The Hot Chocolate was thought to contain antioxidants and would deliver a jolt of caffeine, which was part of the ingredients back then.   This made people think this version of a hot chocolate had restorative properties.

So much so that the Aztec warriors were known to drink this version of hot chocolate before they went into battle.

Real Fact #4:  Hot Chocolate was considered to be a luxurious drink:

The English, in the 17th century, created dedicated “houses” where hot chocolate was served in pitchers made of gold.  This was an apparent elite gathering place, and the hot chocolate was the drink of choice.

Fun Fact #5:  Vibe Coffee’s Nespresso Compatible Hot Chocolate is Awesome:)

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