How to make an Iced Chocolate – cooling down your Hot Chocolate for Summer

With summer around the corner the desire to be sipping on hot drinks for some people becomes less important.  But for those who want to continue to enjoy their Hot Chocolates all year round, what can be done to cool things down?

There answer?  Create your own Iced Chocolate drink at home which is Hot Chocolate served cold over ice.  With Vibe’s Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods, this is easy to make!

The goal is to make a refreshing but decadent treat that can be enjoyed in warm weather.  Challenge accepted:)

Step #1 – Make Chocolate Ice Cubes:

In summer as your ice melts, it waters down the iced chocolate.  To remedy this, we suggest creating Chocolate Ice Cubes the night before.


What you need to do is take one of Vibe’s Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods and make a hot chocolate.  Once its poured into a mug, it can immediately be placed in an ice tray.

If you like your hot chocolate to be a little milky, add the milk into the mug before pouring into the ice tray.  This also gives you more liquid to fill more ice trays.

Keep repeating the above steps until you fill in as much of the ice cube tray you want.

Then place in the freezer overnight.

Step 1 done!

Step #2 – Making the Iced Chocolate:

Around 20 minutes before you want your Iced Chocolate, grab another one of Vibe’s Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods and create a hot chocolate.  Fill the mug with your preferred milk and then place this drink into the fridge.  It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to cool down.

Once the drink is at the right cooled down temperature, grab your iced chocolate ice cubes from the freezer, place them in a glass and now add your cooled down Hot Chocolate into the same glass.

And voila, you now have a velvety decadent chocolate drink for this summer.


Iced Chocolate – the Adult Version:

If you are the legal drinking age and are having friends over, why not spice things up with the addition of alcohol.   There are two popular versions to consider introducing to your Iced Chocolate drink…

#1.  Kahlua Iced Chocolate:

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur enhances the iced chocolate flavour with the right subtle kick.

Tip:  Kahlua also tastes amazing with Hot Chocolate (for your winter).


#2.  Baileys Iced Chocolate:

Christmas is coming and Baileys is commonly part of Christmas celebrations. Adding Baileys to your Iced Chocolate is a great way to bring too amazing flavours together.

The Final Word:

Just because summer is coming does not mean you need to pause on enjoying your delicious hot chocolate drink.  If you enjoy drinking cooler drinks over the summer, following the instructions above and keep those hot chocolates coming!!

The Vibe Coffee Nespresso® Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods (click here to view the product) is an easy way to make it happen for you.  And our customers love it!



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