How to win a Vibe Mug – creating a customer review has never been easier


Each month, a Vibe Customer wins a Vibe Coffee Mug for giving us their honest views on what they felt about us or a specific product…

#1.  The Vibe Coffee Pods

#2.  The Vibe Chai Latte Pods

#3.  The Vibe Coffee Beans

Everyone once in awhile, we have customers asking how they can provide a review.  This article provides a simple summary on how to do that.

There are two ways to create a review:

  1. Use our “Customer Review Email” or,
  2. Create a review on Vibe Product Page

#1.  The “Customer Review Email”:

After every new order, the Vibe Coffee systems create and release a “Customer Review” email a few weeks later.  This is done intentionally to allow customers to have time to experience our service and enjoy the Coffee and/or Chai product.

This email has been designed to allow people to create a review in the email.   The top section of the email has a greeting along with a summary of what you purchased (see example below).



The bottom section of the email is where the review can be created (see example below).

All you need to do is…

  1. Select the relevant star rating
  2. Create a simple title
  3. Add a few comments

Once done, you select the “Publish your review” button and our systems do the rest.  You are done!


#2.  Create a review on the Vibe Product Page:

For those of you who would prefer to review a Vibe product at your own pace, the other easy option is to follow these simple steps.

Step 1:  Go to the Vibe Coffee website and find the product page of the product you purchased.

Step 2:  Once you find the product you purchased, you can select the “Read Reviews” link at the top of the page (see below), or scroll down the page until you see the “Customer Reviews” tab.



Step 3:  Once you click on the “Customer Review” tab, you will see all current reviews for that product (see example below).  You will also see a “Write a Review” button.  Tap on that button.



Step 4:  Once you tap on the “Write a Review” button, the page changes to open up form fields which allows you to enter your comments.  Once you select your star rating, enter some information and press the “Submit” button, you are all done.


The Final Word:

What sets us apart from all the others is, we are great listeners.  We want to hear from you.  We are a small company and want to remain that way so we can make changes to our products and services when our customers tell us we need to change.

Having incoming customer reviews on both our service and our products is a vital part of our listening process.

This is why we are happy to give away mugs.  Every time a customer creates a review, they go into a monthly draw to win a mug.  There is a winner every month.

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