Matcha Tea – the 6 most asked questions about this popular tea

Because we now offer Matcha Tea in a Nespresso® Compatible Pod (capsule) we now receive a high volume of questions about this popular tea.

To help educate our customers we wanted to share the most common questions that come through our support team.

What is difference between matcha and green tea?

They are more similar than you think!  Green tea is created through a brewing process of tea leaves which then creates a light, grassy flavour.  Matcha tea is a “pulverised version” of green tea leaves and has a stronger concentration of nutrients because a portion of its growing is done in shade.

The key point to make here is the leaves used are from the same plant!  The Camellia sinsesis plant.

The differences in harvesting and manufacturing Matcha Tea vs Green Tea:

The Green tea brewing process involves a process where the leaves are quickly heated via pan firing or steaming.  This is why Green Tea leaves are brown.

The creation of Matcha tea is a bit different.  Farmers shade these plants for the majority of its growth.  It is this absence of sunlight which drives chlorophyll production.  When it’s time to harvest, the leaves are then ground into a fine powder, creating the Matcha Tea powder.

It’s this high concentration of chlorophyll which gives Matcha tea its green colour.  That is how you know you have good quality Matcha, by the green colour of the powder.

A more technical reason as to why a high concentration of chlorophyll produces this green colour can be found here….

The green color of the plant is due to the presence of chlorophyll as it does not absorb but reflects green color light. Chlorophyll absorbs light in the blue and red regions of the visible spectrum. Therefore, chlorophyll appears green because it reflects green light.

What are the health benefits of Matcha Tea?

One of the many reasons Matcha Tea is so popular is due to known health benefits.   Matcha tea contains the nutrients from the entire tea leaf and  more caffeine.  But the key difference is the high concentration of  antioxidants.  Matcha tea has a much higher concentration compared to Green tea.

More recently, there have been medical studies of matcha tea showing that it can help protect the liver, promote heart health, and even aid in weight loss.

Does Matcha Tea burn belly fat?

This is a continuation of the previous questions around health benefits.  Medical studies have shown this can be part of a dietary plan.  There are many reasons for this but specifically, the higher levels of caffeine helps reduce belly fat and contributes to lowering your body mass index (BMI).

Caution!  The above statement does not mean drinking Matcha Tea on its own will help you lose belly fat, but it can be an important piece to the puzzle.

Why is Matcha Tea so expensive?

Matcha Tea is expensive due to the precise harvesting process (explained above) which requires unique growing conditions, a high degree of manual handling, and quality assurance steps.

Secondly, the highest standard of Matcha Tea comes from Japan which makes supply limiting.

This is why Vibe Coffee has gone to great lengths to create its Matcha Tea which comes in a Nespresso® Compatible Pod.

We offer a small Matcha Tea 15-Pod tester pack for just $14.99 to let people try it out!

The reviews have been fantastic….


Is it good to drink Matcha Tea everyday?

This is an easy one to answer:  Yes!  Because of the known health benefits.  And due to the high concentration of caffeine, it can help with concentration.

What is the best way to drink Matcha Tea?

The “Matcha Tea Purists” will tell you to do things like add 2 ounces of hot water and whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until frothy.   And make sure you whisk in a circular motion or the Matcha tea won’t foam.

We created our Nespresso® Compatible Matcha Tea pods to make this incredible tea more accessible to everyone.  All you need to do is place the Matcha Tea pod into your Nespresso® Coffee Pod machine have the Matcha tea pour into a cup.  If you prefer a Matcha Latte, add your preferred milk.  This is a popular drink in the warmer weather.


Are you wondering if your Nespresso® Coffee Pod machine will fit our Matcha Tea Pods?  You can have a look at a list below of all the Nespresso® Coffee Pod machines that fit Vibe’s Matcha Tea Pods.

You can also visit our Nespresso® Compatible page on our site where all this information is located.

  • Nespresso L’OR Machines
  • Nespresso Le Cube
  • Nespresso Maestria
  • Nespresso Essenza
  • Nespresso Essenza Mini
  • Nespresso Inissia
  • Nespresso Pixie
  • Nespresso U Solo
  • Nespresso Prodigio
  • Nespresso Citiz
  • Nespresso Lattissima Touch
  • Nespresso Lattissima One
  • Nespresso Lattissima Pro
  • Nespresso Expert
  • Nespresso Creatista
  • Nespresso Creatista Plus
  • Nespresso Creatista Uno
  • Nespresso KitchenAid

If your machine is not listed above another way to figure out if our Matcha Tea Pods fit is to take your current pods and see if they are the same shape as the Matcha Tea Pod seen below.  If they are the same shape, then you can get your Matcha Tea Pods now!

The Final Word:

We hope this answers most, if not all, your questions around Matcha Tea.  If you this anything else you need to know you can activate a chat on our site to speak to a Coffee/Chai/Tea specialist our email us at

You never know, your questions could be part of a new article!

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