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Step 1 of 2: Select how much you enjoy the taste and aroma (smell) of a coffee: strong, medium, or mild.

#1. I like it strong (click here): 

I like a strong tasting coffee to enjoy all the flavours. I also enjoy the experience of a strong coffee aroma.

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#2. I like it medium (click here):

I enjoy the experience of tasting coffee flavours but it can’t be overpowering.   I also enjoy the aroma of coffee but would prefer this to be more subtle.

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#3. I like it smooth (click here):

I prefer a mild and smooth coffee drinking experience. I do not need an overpowering flavour or aroma.

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Did you select none of the above options?

If none of the above questions suit your needs, you have three options.

Option #1.  Click here to see all our coffee pod products to scan each for yourself.

Option #2.  Speak to one of our coffee gurus by selecting the Live Chat button at the bottom right region of the screen. Someone is always standing by.

Option #3.  If you need to learn more about how the strength in coffee can affect your decision, see more information on this below.

Understanding how strength influences the taste and aroma of espresso

Coffee Pods around the world have what’s known as a “Coffee Pod Intensity” rating.  This rating determines the strength of the espresso.  But what does this mean to you?

“Strength” is defined by two primary characteristics…

  1. The taste or flavours
  2. The aroma (smell) that comes from the espresso

The flavour or taste of an espresso comes from a mix of sensations which include….

  • The body (thickness of fluid)
  • The acidity
  • The bitterness
  • The sweetness
  • The aftertaste

The aroma is another factor of strength.  Stronger espressos give off a stronger array of aromas.

In summary, another way to say “strength” is, how much can you taste and smell the flavours and aromas in an espresso.  Everyone has a different preference to the degree of strength, which is why this is the first question to answer when defining the ideal espresso for a specific individual.

If you would like more information on this topic, click here to read more about the breakdown of what defines the strength of an espresso.

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