Vibe Coffee – how do we make coffee pod coffee taste soooo fresh?

When you open a bag of Vibe Coffee pods, people as us how and why the smell is so rich and fresh!

It all comes down to the manufacturing process that happens in Melbourne.

The roasting, grinding, and packing process takes place in a climate-controlled environment in Melbourne!

Though the coffee beans are sourced across the globe, Vibe Coffee is an Australian business.

During the encapsulation process, the coffee and machinery are nitrogen flushed to remove most of the oxygen from the atmosphere.

Additionally, the protective lid of the coffee pod is applied in a relatively oxygen-free environment ensuring freshness and a perfect coffee every time.  Think of this as a form of vacuum sealing process designed for hygiene and prevents other external agents (such as heat, or humidity).

This process ensures you can have a rich-tasting, fresh coffee.

This is why you don’t need to worry about purchasing an expensive coffee pod machine.   The manufacturing process of the Vibe Coffee pod does all the heavy lifting for you.

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