What is the difference between Hot Chocolate Pods and Hot Cocoa Pods?

A common question we get from our customers is, “What’s the difference between Hot Chocolate Pods and Hot Cocoa Pods?”  Are they same thing or are they different?

These two titles are often used to describe the same drink so we understand the question and the confusion.  We thought it best to create an article to set the record straight.  We also looked around to see what the Pros had to say about it.  Luckily we found the same answers from everyone:)

Defining Hot Cocoa:

Hot cocoa is a hot, sweet drink made from cocoa powder, sugar and milk.   Hot cocoa has a thin and light consistency and is easier to make than a hot chocolate.

Defining Hot Chocolate:

When assessing the definition of “Hot Chocolate” there are two definitions:  the traditional definition and the more modern definition.

Traditional Hot Chocolate:

The traditional definition of a hot chocolate is also known as “drinking chocolate”.  It’s a thick, hot drink that comprises melted solid chocolate in hot water.   Hot chocolate is much thicker than hot cocoa.

Modern Hot Chocolate:

The more modern definition of Hot Chocolate, and Hot Chocolate Pods is the Hot Cocoa definition above.  The reason this is deemed more “modern” is because the majority of manufacturers of chocolate drinks use the term “Hot Chocolate” because its more recognisable than “Hot Cocoa”.   These are manufacturers of hot chocolate pods and hot chocolate drinks that come in packets or sachets.  They are all the same.  This is one of the reasons for consumer confusion.

But because so few drinks melt chocolate to create a true Hot Chocolate, the modern definition of a Hot Chocolate has taken over.

Vibe’s Hot Chocolate Pods are Hot Cocoa Pods:

The Vibe Hot Chocolate Pods are more like Hot Cocoa Pods simply because there is no way to inject melted chocolate into a pod and have it mix perfectly with the hot water from a Pod Machine.  But we, like many other manufacturers, have adopted the name “Hot Chocolate” because that is what our customers ask for when asking for the product.

This is why when you review the ingredients for the Vibe Hot Chocolate Pods on our product page, we take care in emphasising the use of a precise amount of cocoa and sugar to deliver a rich chocolate yummy taste.

But regardless of what we call it, the Vibe Hot Chocolate Pods are a hit.  See two recent reviews below:)



The Final Word:

Technically speaking, there is a clear difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa.  But if you are wondering if there is a difference between Hot Chocolate Pods and Hot Cocoa Pods, they are the same thing, which is Hot Cocoa.

Hope this helps.

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