Why does the Vibe Coffee pour slowly out of the coffee pod machine?

We often receive feedback from Vibe customers who say…

When using a Vibe coffee pod, the coffee pours more slowly

This is a common question for us!!

The answer is to do with our coffee bean grinding process which is critical to delivering the perfect extraction of coffee out of the coffee pod and into your mug.

The Vibe Coffee manufacturing plant has equipment that ensures the fine grind is done to perfection.  The fine grind contributes to the slower pouring of the coffee because it takes longer for the water to travel through the coffee pod.

The video below is a quick video showing what our coffee looks like as it comes out of a coffee pod machine…


But you want this because this is how we can deliver great-tasting coffee.

This slower extraction ensures maximum flavour, aroma, and crema from your coffee.

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