Why is coffee in Cafes becoming so expensive?

A Current Affair ran a story yesterday discussing how Australian coffee prices are through the roof, with the main causes being supply and shipping costs.

In some situations in Sydney, (as told by the Current Affair) people are paying $8.90 for a soy latte.

We at Vibe Coffee find this pricing increase unusual when you can purchase a 15-Coffee Pod pack for as little as $11.99!  (click here to see the Vibe Coffee Pod products)

One café owner had this to say about the price increases…

“With coffee shops, we are just kind of victims of what’s happening around us. So with other things increasing in price, I think we’re going to see coffee prices increasing as well.”

So why is coffee in cafes becoming so expensive?

The answer is summarised in three parts…

#1.  The country of Brazil, who supplies almost half of the world’s coffee beans, has had a bad crop season.  The poor crop performance apparently has come from frost which ruined hundreds of thousands of plants.

#2.  A representative from the Cafe Owners and Baristas Association has come forward stating shipping costs are also to blame.  They went on to say shipping costs is five times what it was two years ago, so importing coffee from around the world to Australia is now much more expensive.

#3.  Some café owners say they are OK with the higher prices because people are also paying for the “café experience”.   But what is that exactly?

We at Vibe Coffee don’t buy into any of it.

The Vibe Coffee beans are imported from all corners of the world and manufactured, ground to precision, and packaged in Melbourne.   Vibe Coffee is an Australian Owned Certified business.

Vibe Coffee is exposed to all the same shipping and manufacturing hurdles as everyone else and we have no intention of increasing our prices!  And we will continue to give to environmental charities.

So what is the real reason for these price increases?  Could it be cafes are trying to recover the losses incurred due to COVID shutdowns?  That may be the case, but we at Vibe Coffee do not feel it to be a fair way to recover losses!

Vibe Coffee cannot influence what cafes charge people for their coffees, all we can do is create great tasting coffee at great prices.  This is how we sleep well at night:)

You can read the full Current Affair article by clicking here.

May your good vibes keep on coming.

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