Coffee bean bags need a single way valve to ensure coffee bean freshness

The way coffee beans are packaged can influence its freshness, its aroma and flavour!  Not all coffee bean bags are created equal.

Roasters pride themself on the care they take in preparing coffee beans so as to capture the full flavour and aroma coffee beans possess.  However without the right packaging, the freshness of roasted coffee beans can be lost.

Fun Fact – Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Release Carbon Dioxide:

As soon as coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide for hours.  In fact, coffee beans can continue to release carbon dioxide for about two weeks.   This natural release process of coffee beans is called “degassing”.

While the majority of the carbon dioxide releases soon after the roasting process, it continues to escape for up to 14 days.

The issue with this comes with the packaging of the beans.

Green Coffee Beans Smell Like Veggies:

If you have had the chance to touch/smell unroasted green coffee beans, you would notice the absence of a coffee aroma.  The smell is more like fresh veggies.

This proves the power and influence of the coffee bean roasting process and how it can dictate the flavour and aroma.  The coffee bean roasting process stimulates the loss of coffee bean mass and the beans become more porous.   But this process stimulates the release of carbon dioxide.

And because it’s common for roasted coffee beans to be packaged in coffee bags soon after the roasting process, it underlies the importance of single-way valves in coffee bags.

What are coffee bag single-way valves?

There are coffee bags which have single-way valve embedded into the bag itself.  All Vibe Coffee coffee bean products have these single-way valves.

A “single-way” valve is exactly as it sounds, it’s a valve that only allows carbon dioxide to escape the coffee bean bag.  And because its “one way”, the valve stops contaminants from entering in.  These single-way valves play a key part to keeping packaged roasted coffee beans fresh.

Contaminants can be a range of things:  oxygen, dust, or dirty air.   As soon as anything organic is exposed to oxygen, a corrosive process begins to take place.  Think about what happens to a banana.  The exposure to oxygen quickly decays a banana and will produce stale coffee beans.

Single-way valves prevent coffee bean bags from breaking open

Without the single-way valve, the continuous release of carbon dioxide would eventually create enough pressure to the coffee bean bags, it would produce leaks allowing oxygen to enter.

The coffee bag valve keeps your coffee beans free from contaminants resulting in fresher coffee for a much longer time.

Final Word:

The point of purchasing coffee beans is for people to enjoy a high standard of freshly roasted coffee bean.  The absence of single-way valves risks the integrity of coffee bean freshness and should be standard practice for all coffee bean roasters.

The Vibe Coffee Gurus understand this, and is why every coffee bean bag from Vibe Coffee has a single-way valve.

Vibe Coffee have three coffee bean products….

#1.  Decaf Coffee Beans:  A decaf espresso, light and rich with a beautiful crema, roasting green coffee beans to perfection locally in Melbourne to give the genuine espresso experience minus the caffeine, producing notes of chocolate and nutmeg.

#2. “Vibrant” Arabica Medium Strength Coffee Bean with Brown Sugar Notes:  A delicious blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Eastern Africa and South America, presenting a bright and full aroma with deep flavours while still being smooth on the palate.

#3.  Pulse Coffee Beans Rich Strong Smooth with Caramel Notes:  A rich, dark coffee bean with a smooth flavour profile, bold and intense flavour without being bitter.

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