The 6 most common questions about Decaf Coffee Beans and Decaf Coffee

Because we receive so many questions from our customers on decaf coffee beans and decaf coffee in general, we thought it would be a good ideal to share with  you the top 6 most common questions we get asked and provide reasearched answers for each.

#1.  Is Decaf Coffee OK for Pregnancy?

The short answer is yes! 

Medical journals and other forms of medical research proves the need to avoid all caffeine drinks during pregnancy.  This includes coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and chocolate!

Decaf coffee and herbal teas are widely recommended for woman while pregnant.

#2.  Can you get Decaf Coffee that is 100% caffeine free?

The National Coffee Association of the US says there are three primary methods to remove caffeine from coffee beans.

  1. A Water Method (see below)
  2. A mix of Chemicals and Water (very common)
  3. Using water and carbon dioxide (less common)

Across these methods, on average, 97% of the caffeine is removed from coffee beans (the water method has shown to be slightly more effective in removing caffeine – more on this below).

Which means, if you are having a decaf coffee, there is a good there is a small percentage of caffeine.  To put this in perspective, a normal cup of decaf coffee has around 2 mg of caffeine.  A standard coffee has 95 mg of caffeine.

It’s important to note, the natural “Water Method” which is an eco-friendly decaffeination process is shown to remove over 99% of the caffeine.  More on this method below in the next question below.  Or you can click here to read an article on this eco-friendly decaffeination process.


#3.  What is the healthiest Decaf Coffee?

The healthiest decaf coffee are decaf coffee beans that go through a natural or chemical-free decaffeination process. 

As mentioned earlier, there are decaffeination processes which use chemical solvents to dissolve the caffeine from the bean.  The chemicals commonly used are ethyl acetate or methylene chloride which come into direct contact with the beans.   You can read more about this by clicking here.

Vibe’s Decaf Coffee Beans go through a patented “Mountain Water Process” to remove caffeine from coffee beans.   It’s a non-chemical decaffeination process which uses clear clean mountain water to gently remove the caffeine from the green beans.   You can read more about this eco-friendly decaffeination process by clicking here.

Why are these decaf coffee beans healthier?

The chemical decaffeination process (where chemicals are used to extract the caffeiene from coffee beans) has shown (through clinical studies) traces of chemicals remain on the coffee beans when they are sold to consumers Food safety organisations say these small traces of chemicals are “safe for consumption”. 

#4.  What should I look for when buying decaf coffee?

The answer to this links back to the previous question.  You want to stay away from decaf coffee beans that have gone through harsh chemical treatments to remove the caffeine.

Beyond that, what you need to look for are decaf coffee beans that have flavours you love in a coffee.

#5.  Why do people drink decaf coffee?

There are many people who suffer from “caffeine sensitivity” and need to avoid the effects of caffeine.  Caffeine sensitivity is where people are affected by the physiological impacts of caffeine far more than others.  Some people can have a few sips of coffee and feel like they have had several shots. 

Decaf coffee becomes perfect for these people who can still enjoy the taste of coffee without the impact of caffeine.

There are factors that can cause someone to have a more pronounced reaction to caffeine.   Some research has identified six factors in total:

  1. Being male
  2. Being a woman on birth control
  3. Taking certain medications
  4. Having certain genes
  5. A person who rarely consumes caffeine or caffeine products
  6. Having high levels of anxiety

You can read more on these factors by this by clicking here.

#6.  What is the best decaf coffee in Australia?

This is a great question but a hard one to answer without being biased.  We at Vibe Coffee love (and so do our customers) our Decaf Coffee Beans for the following reasons…

  1. Our coffee beans use the natural decaffeination process (Mountain Water Method) to safely extract caffeine
  2. Our coffee beans are roasted locally in Melbourne
  3. Our decaf coffee bean has tasting notes of chocolate and hints of nutmeg and aroma notes of roasted nuts and spices
  4. All our decaf coffee beans are packed in bags with single way valves to ensure freshness

Below is one example of the types of feedback we receive for our decaf coffee beans….

Final Word:

Many more questions come through but the above occur the most.  If you have a question about our decaf coffee beans or any of our products, email us on  We would love to hear from you.

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